I started designing some Christmas ornaments today…I know, I know, it’s early still but if I am going to have anything for sale at the next event I am actually getting a late start. I need to make some test pieces to see if they are worth making.

First Issue of our Newsletter

Didn’t get your email newsletter? Well silly, you need to sign up to receive it…just go to our website and fill out the short form and Bob’s your Uncle, you’re in! (Actually, Bob is my Brother-in-Law)

Farewell to Lolly

It is sad to see Lolly go but she is going to a good home.

Gift Certificate Winner

Congratulations to Nancy for winning the $15 Gift Certificate just by signing up for our newsletter!

T.A.W.N. Fall Festival

I got my feet wet with my first fair, great people watching and conversations and people even bought stuff too.


Saying goodbye to Oreo, she finally got released earlier today to a good home.

New Added Event Location

D Eclectic and Left Hand Asylum join up once again for the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church’s Artisan and Craft Fair October 20th from 8 am to 2 pm located at 7570 N Thornydale Rd Tucson, AZ 85741 so come on over and check us both out!

Gift Shop

Well, the gift shop is up and running. Far from finished, but it is getting there.