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Event Calendar

I now have an event calendar set up on my website to feature venues where Left Hand Asylum will be at.


The website is coming along, be it at a snails pace, but I have been so busy designing and creating a few different lines for the upcoming festivals and conventions that there are not enough hours in the day.

Children of the Corn Magnets

Completed the advance order for ten and made eight more on top of that. I think these might be a fast seller so I am making many more of each.


I brought some samples to the craft meeting to show for input and ended up selling fifteen pieces, makes me wonder how I will do if I actually try to sell! Awesome feeling ūüôā

Business Card


finally picked a design for my business cards and product labels



Last night I was really productive. I have many new small clay pieces formed and drying and I have a huge batch of shredded paper soaking so I can make more hearts and stars. 


First sale

made my first sale, two cat magnets 

so many projects in different stages of development I had to actually stop and organize my workspace